Jim Morgan
Solid guide service with knowledge of the water and fly fishing tactics to effectively catch lots of big fish. If you can cast these folks can put you on the fish.
Miller Brantley
Helped my son and myself get a start in fly fishing. We had never so much as touched a fly rod and within a short time, we had both caught something and had a better understanding of what we were doing. Enjoyed our time. Highly recommended!
Alfred Wicks
Awesome man with great knowledge when it comes to fishing.
Shawn Swearingen
Sunday (Sept. 25th) I was afforded the opportunity to head down to Roanoke, VA from the DC area to do some fly fishing for mountain brook and rainbow trout with Dead Drift Outfitters. I had been looking forward to this chance all summer and I was rewarded with an excellent day, even without considering the tough conditions (a dry hot summer). I'm not one that has to catch X number of fish to have a good day, but Josh and I genuinely lost track of how many fish hooked and to hand that day, in a day of natural ebbs and flows from the fish. We put some miles and altitude in that day, and cast the fly in some tight spots which resulted in some memorable catches. A trip I will certainly be making again and recommend to anyone who loves the beauty of fishing and the outdoors.
Brent Perkey
Great guy and beautiful flies!!!
Robert Loughhead